About Us

Arabpati Esports is an organisation made by 3 individuals with the sole purpose of uplifting Gaming Community in Nepal. Formed in 2019, Arabpati eSports has collectively worked to uphold the Gaming Standard in Nepal.With our own tournament, helping other organisers with productions and management etc.

We are an event organizing , production company. A one stop shop for all things related to hosting and production of various types of Gaming events.

What We do?

The gaming industry is seeing a cultural shift. Instead of playing or watching esports at home-alone or in small groups fans are seeking more opportunities to come together in person by the thousands to sharpen their skills and watch their favorite players or teams compete live. More and more people have started to become involved in gaming these days even in Nepal and we will just see a rise in that number as Esports has now become a growing passion.Recognizing the incredible growth and high demand for live tournaments and LAN Event, AE has decided to Host live events ( LAN in future) of various games to engage more audiences towards the growing Gaming community by satisfying the viewers along with growing the competitive spirit among the players while giving more opportunity to new Players.


Arabpati Esports is fully able to handle its own Productions and Broadcast to the wider audience.

With a professional management team and additional staffs, AE is able to fully script, manage talent and resources; the production itself, post-production, distribution, and marketing. AE’s office, built with a full dedicated studio is able to broadcast video contents included with SFX, GFX and VFX effects to different streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and/or any more websites or events that engages the audience; fans and supporters with esports content adding viewer satisfaction on the overall scheme of the event.


We have a team of skilled professionals that are well versed in Managing Tournaments of all kinds' weather the tournament is discord based management or website based Management using forms and emails.Using our own software tournament Management has been simpler and faster.

We are able to manage various Tournaments for all sorts of Games to our utmost professional level.

Talent Management

We are always looking for people with Talent whether they are players or skilled in other departments, our search is immense for people willing to help or have the skills but no platform to perform.Finding the Talents and giving them a platform to prove their worth is one of our aim and goal of Arabpati Esports.Our hope is to find the Talents and manage them in such a way that their potential is not wasted and used to the full extent in the right field.


The contribution of information to any media especially to digital media for an audience is known as Content Creation.

Arabpati Esports has various content creators that improves our reach to the maximized scale within the audience demography. We are able to create our own contents; help others grow by using shared contents and/or give contents through tournaments, musical events. AE is able to work with other organizers as well to create satisfactory contents depending on the need of the targeted audience.


As Arabpati Esports is a new company, we will need sponsorships to go forward.

We shall emphasize on every brand associated with us and strive our best to get your names to maximum number of audience through various means.


AE has the capability to build websites and develop softwares; using our own staffs' skills we have built softwares that are integrated into our daily usage for various content creations, especially for tournaments that add flavour for viewers satisfaction.

According to customers needs we are able to build or customize softwares and websites for selling purposes as well.

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